Jane Brown Art

Welcome and thank you for visiting my website, I do hope you enjoy my artwork.

I am a Hampshire based self taught artist who loves to create artwork inspired by the natural world. I mainly work in acrylics in a realistic style, I enjoy exploring various styles, techniques and other mediums, some which encourage me to work a little looser and less detailed.

I have a passion to re create the memories we hold of places we’ve been, people we’ve met, nature around us and the wildlife we’ve had the privilege to experience in the wild.

Please take a look through my website pages, see if anything takes your interest, you’ll see how I work with the various mediums and may be you’d like me to create a piece of art bespoke to you.

If you would like to know a little more about me please see the ‘about’ page.
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Memories on Canvas

A lot of my artwork is from my memories, my experiences and my own photos, from the special places I’ve visited, the wildlife I have seen, the people around me to the wonderful nature that surrounds us.

I put my heart and soul into my artwork, I believe having a good feeling and emotion towards a piece you are creating shows within the art that’s been created.

You may have a photo that's may be not as good as your memory recalls, it may have strangers or something you'd like not to be there, or the sky is not so blue as you remember it to be...

The great thing about being an artist is with 'artistic licence' I can chose to tweak the colours, add something or just not paint in an aspect of the photo. 

With a bit of art intervention, with ideas and photos I can re create your memories on canvas.

I would love to share my passion to produce an original piece of art for you that evokes your special memories.



If you wish to discuss a commission, please click on the tab below and you will be directed to commission enquiry form. I would be happy to meet with you to discuss your bespoke piece of art in more detail, your welcome to visit me at my studio where you can see some of my work in person; although the ‘camera never lies’ it cannot really show the true depth, colour and texture of the painting that we can see in front of us.
A commissioned piece of art varies in cost due to the size, materials, surface required and the hours taken to complete your bespoke artwork. I look forward to working with you.

Dog Seascape Trio Of Zebras IMG 9380 IMG 3967 IMG 7939 IMG 9584 Oh So (1) IMG 0979 IMG 6452 IMG 5015 IMG 7934