Meerkat on Lookout

Published: Wednesday 28 December 2016

At last! I have managed to finish this little guy, he’s been hanging about waiting for his fur coat to be put on. I started this painting about 18 months ago, with the move and renovations he had to take a back seat.  I put the painting away in a safe place until I found the time and space to bring out the paints again. I was in a frantic panic as I searched for this little critter, our belongings have moved from room to room, from tent, shed , car port, attic, garage and back to other rooms. I thought he may of been lost forever but with one last ditch attempt I found him snuggled between some painting boards.

I painted the meerkat in acrylics which worked really well with his fur, its a great medium to work on and put down for a while (may be not so long next time).

I really enjoy watching the meerkats, so fascinating how they work, live and play together. May be one day a safari trip to the Kalahari desert to see these guys in their own environment. But for now its Marwell Zoo which I must admit is pretty good place to see them.