Unconditional Love, to the MAX!

Published: Friday 18 December 2015

Sadly we lost our dearest dog Max in July, it was unexpected and far too early for our liking. I suppose with Max being a big dog his time would end soonish, he was coming up to 11 but  acted like a youngster, they say all good things come to an end. Max died in his sleep while with us in the evening just before bedtime, we feel we were lucky as he did not suffer or have to go through any vets visits being proded and pulled about.

I decided I would paint Max, just loved doing it, all the way through the process he was looking at me and making me smile, at times a tear would appear followed by a chuckle when a funny memory would come back to me, such as him walking or should I say ‘hopping’ on the black sand of Muriwai Beach, New zealand, trying not to burn his paws or the time when we had to carry him over the stream after coaxing him for ages to get his paws wet. Max did everything to aviod water, I had to drag him in the shower with me to give him a wash and that was only after an hour later and a trail of doggy treats.

Painting max probably only took about 24 hours in total but took me about 4 month long to complete from start to finish as we have been so busy with moving about, having to paint in between piles of boxes and furniture where ever i can sufficient light.

I tried to work a little more relaxed with my style, not too perfectly detailed this time but not as soft as I had hoped but I’m happy with the result.

Unconditional Love 1

The reference photo I used to paint Max was taken only a couple of days before he died, we had just come back from a walk – he took himself up to half landing and laid down, possibly the only place that was not filled with boxes. He was so good he adjusted to all the moving about, so longs he was with us, he was happy. Although we have now finally settled into our new house, he is not with us in body but he is with us in spirit and soul and of course on our wall looking over us.

Unconditional Love 2